Diet Tracker : Overview

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Demonstration Sections

Diet Tracker Food Log

Food Log
Use the Food Log section to track the foods you eat each day. Enter your foods and Blue Carott will provide an analysis of your nutrition, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrition information

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Diet Tracker Food Explorer

Food Explorer
The Food Explorer section is designed to help you explore and customize Blue Carott’s extensive data base of 55,000 foods. You can select any food from the database and view its nutrition information. You can also enter new foods to the database

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Diet Tracker Activity Log

Activity Log
Use the Blue Carott Activity Log section to track the activities and exercises you do each day. Enter your activities and Blue Carott will provide an estimate of the calories you burn. Over 600 activities to choose from.

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Diet Tracker Goals

The Weight Goal section is designed to help you assess your current weight, set a reasonable target weight, set a deadline to achieve your target weight, and plan your daily diet.

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Diet Tracker Recipe Analysis

Recipe Analysis
The Recipe Analysis section is designed to help you evaluate nutrition information for your recipes. You may create Recipes and evaluate their nutrient content. You may then include (add) the recipe to your daily menu.

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Diet Tracker Weight Log

Weight Log
Use the Weight Log section to track your weight. Enter your weight into the weight log whenever it changes. The weight log stores all of your past entries, so you can evaluate trends about your weight changes.

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Diet Tracker Calendar

The Calendar section gives you a quick overview of a month’s worth of information. Use the calendar to review your progress and past entries one month at a time. The calendar displays a small icon in each day you have information on that day.

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Diet Tracker Reports

This section provides reports to help you find a relationship between different parts of your account.

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